5 Things To I Learned with My Personal Training Certification


Tips to Train Your Personal Training Clients Better

As a personal trainer, you need to use your experience and knowledge gained with personal training certifications to help your clients to train better. Each client could have different fitness requirements and special individual needs; so besides general physical training you should also take into account such individual needs.

Providing motivation

There is a general trend when it comes to taking up something new or difficult. People tend to get disheartened and drop off the ladder. This applies to working-out too.

Since physical exercise requires hard work and determination, in the initial stages clients may find the going to tough and want to stop. This is where your input is necessary.

You have to continuously keep the client motivated. Make the client realise that the work they are putting in, though not showing immediate results, will benefit them in the long run. Motivation can prove the wheels on which the physical goals run.

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Keeping the right form

An exercise will only prove effective if it is performed in the right form. Initially, using your knowledge gained in fitness certifications you will show the client how to perform individual exercises.

This should not be a one-time effort. During following workout sessions you will have to ensure that the client continues to use the right form demonstrated by you otherwise they could be prone to injury – besides not obtaining positive results.

Avoid using the scale

Make sure the client does not judge any weight loss by just weighing in on the scale. For sure some initial weight loss will register on the scale – this is due to fluid loss and water weight. You should tell the client that any weight loss is better judged by the fit of his or her clothes – becoming looser. This would be a more accurate measure of any weight dropped by the client.

Food and drink

No workout will be successful if consumption of the right type of food and drink is ignored. A proper diet and staying hydrated is imperative. So let the client know that just spending hours on a treadmill and not keeping the right diet will not cut it – their goals will remain a distant dream.

All-round workouts

Many clients may tend to lean towards a few individual workout types. Per experience and knowledge gained from your fitness trainer certification, you know that for a workout to be really successful it should challenge the client all-round. So encourage the client to go in for all-round workouts is HIIT or interval training done at high intensity levels. This workout does not require any special equipment and is great for improving performance and increasing metabolism.

The reason to work out

Ensure that your client is working out for the right reason – to become physically fit and strong. Many people decide to work out just to achieve a slim appearance. While becoming slim is one of the benefits of physical training, the overall benefits need to include good health and the ability to live a fulfilling and happy life. This should be the client’s goal when undertaking fitness training.



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