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Weight Loss Myths You Should Stay Away From

There is no dearth of advise; both online and offline; when it comes to following a fitness routine. Almost everybody has something to say for the benefit of your health. You should however, take all such advise with a pinch of salt as there are as many myths associated with weight loss as there are true facts. Separating the wheat from the chaff is important so that you don’t end up losing both time and money and cause irreparable damage to your health in the process.

training measuring waistAvoid all Calories

The first myth about weight loss is that you should avoid or restrict intake of calories if you really want to lose weight. This is not true because calories sourced from different food groups have different impact on your metabolic rate. Calories or energy sourced from a protein-rich diet can in fact, accelerate your metabolism and cause your body to lose more weight.

Similarly, calories sourced from natural food like raw fruits and vegetables keep you full for long and also provide your body with essential nutrients. Avoid calories sourced from food rich in artificial fat or carbohydrates, soft drinks, dessert or processed food. These are harmful calories that promote the deposition of fat and increase your hunger pangs.

Take Supplements to See Better Results

The market these days are flooded with supplements all claiming to aid in weight loss. This is another myth as there are no short cuts to losing weight in a healthy manner. You have to follow a planned diet and workout regularly to see the results without harming your body.

Supplements at the best can cause your body to shed a few pounds initially but over the months, they become useless. Continue taking them can lead to unhealthy addiction and even stress when you do not see the expected results.

Eat Less and Workout More

Another common myth is that you need to seriously cut down on your consumption of food and workout really hard in order to lose weight. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Weight loss is a planned and gradual process that does not require you to eat less.

You should instead search for healthy food options that provide your body with strength, energy and a healthy constitution. Eating less for months while exercising can cause serious damage to your body.

You will become weak and depressed and look emaciated and malnourished. This is not what you want. Plan your diet to include healthy food such as lean meat, fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and so on.

Losing Weight is a Continuous Process

This is just not true as you cannot lose weight consistently after every workout session. If you do, there is something seriously wrong with your health or fitness plan. Weight loss is a long-terms process that takes months or even years. Sustaining it successfully is even more difficult. A slow and steady approach is the best if you do not want to fall sick. Scheduling outdoor group fitness training may help speed up the weight loss process. Exercise and giving yourself a heads up on your dieting should become a habit and not temporary arrangement to lose a few pounds in a quick manner. Visit for more information.

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