WRAP or Women’s Rights and Advocacy in the Pacific is an Aotearoa NZ based group made up of New Zealand organisations (or affiliates of international organisations) which promote and work on the rights of women in the Pacific as all or part of their remit.

Large differentials between women’s and men’s access to resources, education and economic and political participation, as well as widespread violence against women, cause whole societies and economies to be severely limited in achieving health, economic and development goals...More

Tuesday 14 February
World Radio Day: Pacific Peace and Community Media Network. As community radio stations around the world mark World Radio Day on February 13, they will be joined by members of a Pacific Island civil society network who in the coming week will reaffirm the role of community radio in their work to bring about Gender Inclusive Conflict Prevention and Non Violent Transformation. More...

Monday 13 February
Vanuatu: How Many Women MP’s Do We Want in the Parliament? With elections due in the next 12months, there is still much work to be done to ensure that women are being given the opportunities to be able to contest the elections. The Vanuatu Government has ratified CEDAW. This means that we have to try and eliminate the discriminatory practices that women encounter in all works of life. More...

Friday 11 February
Pacific leaders pay lip service to women. Despite the oft quoted contention of male Pacific islands leaders down the years that Pacific culture has respect for women ingrained in it—one senior Polynesian politician has repeatedly said that Pacific women are always placed on a pedestal in Pacific islands society—facts, figures and statistics relating to women’s affairs indicate the exact opposite. More...

Wednesday 08 February
Samoa: PM defends women's bill. Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has rubbished suggestions from the Opposition party that the Government’s plan to ensure women occupy five seats in Parliament is flawed. More...

Friday 03 February
Young Pacific Film Producer Wins International Award. 16 year old Vanuatu film maker Nenneth Sakita has scooped up a 2011 OneMinutesJr. Award for the film “Discrimination Against Women”. The film was selected by an independent jury in competition with 250 videos from around the world. More...

Thursday 02 February
Solomon Islands: Sexual offence tops record. Sexual offence in relation to abuse of women and children has dominated the total number of offences recorded in the past legal year. More...

Wednesday 01 February
Buadromo receives ‘Women Have Wings Courage Award.’ The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Executive Director Virisila Buadromo is one of the proud recipients of the Women Have Wings inaugural Courage Award. More...

Monday 30 Jan
Samoan Women offer help. A number of influential women in Samoa plan to propose an alternative process to Government on how to enact the controversial bill tabled in Parliament this week, to guarantee 10 per cent of seats in the House are occupied by women. More...

Sunday 29 January
Dame Carol Kidu steps up as one-woman PNG opposition. In a move compelled by her distress over the political machinations behind the short-lived military mutiny on Thursday, Dame Carol is proposing to form a one-woman opposition. More...

Wednesday 26th January
O’Neill: MPs will vote on conscience. PNG's Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said his government was ready to pass the women’s bill but will respect the right of individual members to “vote on conscience." More...

Tuesday 24th January
Samoa bill tabled to guarantee five women seats in parliament. Legislation to guarantee seats for women in Samoa’s Parliament has been tabled. The Constitution Amendment Bill 2012 guarantees women 10 percent of the seats in Parliament. More...

Sunday 22nd January
American Samoa support for higher marriage age. The Director of the Office of Youth And Women Affairs in American Samoa, Leiataua Leuga Turner, says she supports a bill to increase the age of marriage for a girl from 14 to 17. More...

Friday 20 January
Anti-violence message features for first time in major Fiji rugby tourney. For the first time in Fiji, the call to eliminate violence against women is featuring prominently in a major rugby tournament. More...

Fiji Women's Rugby Development Team

Wednesday 18 January 2012
Kiribati rules out special women’s seats. Kiribati’s newly re-elected president has ruled out introducing special measures to increase women’s political participation during this term. More...

Tuesday17 January 2012
Women urged to be equal partners. Dr Vele Pat Tuaru, the associate director of the University of Papua New Guinea Open College, urged women to “create mutual cooperation and participation” rather than competition while pushing for the 22 seats. More...

Monday 16 January 2012
PNG's Dame Carol calls it a day. The only woman parliamentarian and the sponsor of the 22 women’s reserved seats, Dame Carol Kidu announced her retirement from active politics during the Melanesian Alliance Party fundraising dinner last Friday evening. More...

02 Jan 2012
Pacific women move toward decision leadership and greater engagement in Fiji. The announcement on January 1, 2012 of the state’s intention to lift the Public Emergency Regulation and Media Censorship in Fiji on Saturday 7 January 2011 comes two thousand, two hundred and seventeen days since the announcement of the military takeover in 2006. More...

Fiji Womens Rights Peace March

Image: Jone Nawaikula

01 Dec 2011
Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Honors Human Rights Defenders. The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is honoring 25 Women Human Rights Defenders for two reasons. One is to mark International Women Human Rights Defenders Day and secondly to commemorate its silver jubilee. More...

24 Nov 2011
PNG MPs set up two new provinces and allow reserved seats for women. Papua New Guinea parliamentarians have just passed two key pieces of legislation. They have agreed to the creation of two new provinces, Jiwaka, which is to carved out of Southern Highlands, and Hela, which is part of Western Highlands province. More...

23 Nov 2011
Development fuelling domestic violence in PNG. The assistant commissioner of police for Papua New Guinea’s Highlands region says socio-economic development is driving up the rate of domestic violence. More...

23 Nov 2011
Call for domestic violence education in PNG schools. The assistant commissioner of police for Papua New Guinea’s Highlands region wants children to be taught about domestic violence at school. More...

22 Nov 2011
16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence in the Pacific. To mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November) and 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence (25 November - 10 December), women's organisations, human rights groups and various actors around the world are joining up and organising a number of events and activities. More...

22 Nov 2011
National Meeting On Violence Against Women Concrete Plans. A national meeting on the elimination of violence against women in Suva has agreed that while many advances have been made in bringing the issue to the fore, many challenges still remain. More...

18 Nov 2011

Women steer clear of protest riot over change of Solomons PM. 
What did this week’s political protest riots in Honiara mean to women? Did they actively engage as protesters? More...

Benefits of Hiring An Online Personal Trainer To Increase Stamina Levels

Stamina is your body’s capacity to do physical activities without tiring out too often or too quickly. Also referred to as endurance; it is stamina that determines your tolerance level in extreme conditions and your ability to exert yourself even in the most trying circumstances. Without stamina all you have is a weak body that is ill-equipped to perform even the basic activities that make life enjoyable. 

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Stamina has no Significance without Strength

Strength and stamina are really intertwined and in order to improve one, you have to improve the other too. However, most fitness classes that claim to improve your stamina will only focus on cardiovascular workouts that do little for your physical strength. Cardio workouts immensely improve the health of your heart and lung muscles. This in turn greatly enhances your respiratory capacity and you stay energized throughout the day. However, without strong muscles such energy will be of little use. This is where an online personal trainer makes the real difference!

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Improve your Stamina at a Bondi Fitness class

Regular exercise and a disciplined lifestyle is the best way of improving your stamina or endurance. However, just any type of exercise will not make much of a difference. What you need is comprehensive fitness programme conducted by a certified professional who is experienced in training others in similar situation.

An online personal trainer is just the right place where you get all these and much more. The basic focus of all such camps is always on general fitness; improving functional strength; enhancing endurance and flexibility and making a discernable change in your life for the better.

Combine Cardio and Strength Training

With Dangerously Fit personal trainers you can expect to combine cardiovascular workouts with strength training so as to increase both your strength and stamina. Your trainer knows that the more lean muscles you build (through strength training) the better are your chances of enjoying a high level of stamina. That is why each session comprises a healthy blend of both cardio workouts and strength training. To find out more about the different type of classes.

Say ‘No’ to Breaks

Often, people training at gyms or at home take short breaks to rest their tired muscles. However, when you want to improve your stamina this is just what should be avoided. fitness classes in Bondi always push you beyond your normal tolerance level and prod you to give a little more. Your trainer understands that this is the only way for you to improve your stamina little by little over the weeks. That is why in Fitness class sessions there are hardly any breaks whatsoever. Each session is one frenetic movement of high and low intensity workouts that keep you on your toes throughout.

Work all your Muscles

The more muscles you use during workouts the better are your chances of improving your stamina. That is why all fitness classes in Bondi focus on multi-disciplinary workouts that put equal emphasis on each and every muscle group of your body. Gradually your entire body becomes accustomed to stress and strain and gains a high level of stamina.

Frequency of Kettlebell Workouts

As a trainer working with kettlebells, one of most common questions you face from clients is how frequently should they use this versatile equipment. This is but natural as clients are only too eager to try out this cute apparatus and learn all the explosive moves that are fun yet highly effective.


But as a responsible trainer, it is your duty to draw the line and determine how often you want clients to train with kettlebells. This is what kettlebell training teaches you during the programs you attend; how to determine the frequency of training with kettlebells.

Factors Affecting the Frequency of Training

As you have learnt at your kettlebell courses sessions, there are primarily three factors that affect how often you allow your clients to use this apparatus. These are namely the intensity of the workout sessions, rate of muscular growth and overall health of the client.

If you are planning for a high intensity workout program, do remember that your clients will take longer to rejuvenate themselves after a rigorous session. So for high intensity training, it is advisable not to work out every day.

Next, kettlebell workouts help develop muscles and the more muscles your clients have, the longer their body takes to rejuvenate.

Lastly, your clients must maintain a healthy diet and disciplined lifestyle in order to see the results in the expected time. Always ensure that clients eat right, sleep well and abstain from unhealthy practices to see great results. Be sure to as well, check out the qualifications for fitness trainers.

Frequency of Training for Beginners

For beginners, mastering the form and technique is more important than the frequency of training. Kettlebells have a unique shape with their horn which allows for more fluid movements. Moreover, the off-centred shape means your clients will really have to focus hard and master physical coordination before they can safely use the kettlebell any which way they want.

Also, beginners will become sore and fatigued faster which means they will require more time for recovery in-between sessions. As you have learnt at your kettlebell courses, overstraining can lead to injuries that will disrupt the entire workout plan.

So for beginners, it is best to keep a schedule of training twice a thrice a week with kettlebells. This provides for adequate recovery time and clients too will look forward to their next session with a rejuvenated body. Always start with a few introductory sessions so as to allow clients to get a feel of the kettlebells and become adjusted to its shape and unique demands.

For Intermediates

Intermediates are clients who have been working out with kettlebells for some months and are ready to move on to the next stage. This is where your clients will enjoy a full-body workout aimed at developing muscles and building strength. Such clients can work with kettlebells almost every day since their body is accustomed to the rigors and will recover fast.

For Experienced Clients

Clients who are using kettlebells for years are naturally experts in understanding and handling its unique demands. This means you can expect them to do more complicated movements even with heavier kettlebells. Such clients can train every day if they are comfortable with it.

Don’ts for group training

Weight Loss Myths You Should Stay Away From

There is no dearth of advise; both online and offline; when it comes to following a fitness routine. Almost everybody has something to say for the benefit of your health. You should however, take all such advise with a pinch of salt as there are as many myths associated with weight loss as there are true facts. Separating the wheat from the chaff is important so that you don’t end up losing both time and money and cause irreparable damage to your health in the process.

training measuring waistAvoid all Calories

The first myth about weight loss is that you should avoid or restrict intake of calories if you really want to lose weight. This is not true because calories sourced from different food groups have different impact on your metabolic rate. Calories or energy sourced from a protein-rich diet can in fact, accelerate your metabolism and cause your body to lose more weight.

Similarly, calories sourced from natural food like raw fruits and vegetables keep you full for long and also provide your body with essential nutrients. Avoid calories sourced from food rich in artificial fat or carbohydrates, soft drinks, dessert or processed food. These are harmful calories that promote the deposition of fat and increase your hunger pangs.

Take Supplements to See Better Results

The market these days are flooded with supplements all claiming to aid in weight loss. This is another myth as there are no short cuts to losing weight in a healthy manner. You have to follow a planned diet and workout regularly to see the results without harming your body.

Supplements at the best can cause your body to shed a few pounds initially but over the months, they become useless. Continue taking them can lead to unhealthy addiction and even stress when you do not see the expected results.

Eat Less and Workout More

Another common myth is that you need to seriously cut down on your consumption of food and workout really hard in order to lose weight. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Weight loss is a planned and gradual process that does not require you to eat less.

You should instead search for healthy food options that provide your body with strength, energy and a healthy constitution. Eating less for months while exercising can cause serious damage to your body.

You will become weak and depressed and look emaciated and malnourished. This is not what you want. Plan your diet to include healthy food such as lean meat, fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products and so on.

Losing Weight is a Continuous Process

This is just not true as you cannot lose weight consistently after every workout session. If you do, there is something seriously wrong with your health or fitness plan. Weight loss is a long-terms process that takes months or even years. Sustaining it successfully is even more difficult. A slow and steady approach is the best if you do not want to fall sick. Scheduling outdoor group fitness training may help speed up the weight loss process. Exercise and giving yourself a heads up on your dieting should become a habit and not temporary arrangement to lose a few pounds in a quick manner. Visit www.goldcoastbootcamp.com.au/burleigh-heads/ for more information.

Fitness Marketing Expert On Snap Chat

Benefits of Using Snapchat for Your Fitness Business

If you are a budding personal trainer or planning to start a fitness studio, the best way to promote your business is Snapchat. It is a popular mobile social network that has already gained over 70 million users worldwide. When you have greater number of audience, you can be sure of converting quite a few numbers of them as your valuable customers. Here is a list of benefits of using snapchat for internet fitness marketing.

Increased Business Visibility 

In today’s world you rely on the internet to do preliminary research before making any final decision. There are an ever increasing number of people using snapchat. You have to recognize this opportunity and establish your marketing strategy through snapchat. 

Dan Clay, fitness marketing expert experts says “snapchat helps you to share photos and videos to friends”. It is also viewable to all the followers of your friends. Now you have a chain of audience, you can feed them with frequent updates regarding fitness service, offers and other benefits. It keeps them exited, changes the way they look and feel at your service and compels them to get connected with your business.

Fitness Training Helps Women With Sleep

A new report just release has related an increase of fitness training for women aged 23-42 actually helps improve sleep and alertness throughout the day.

Bondi personal trainer recommends you get at least 4 hours of exercise into your week per week. Here is his Facebook page.

So, if you are feeling tired and lethargic, here is your answer.

Get out there and start exercising and you’ll feel much better for it.

Here is a video of a Bondi boot camp, give it a go… what do you have to lose!

Walk for Women 2012
UN Women New Zealand invites you to walk/run/bike individually or as a group to support Development Projects for Women in the Pacific and progress toward Millennium Development Goal Three (MDG 3) –To promote gender equality and empower women. Donate to Walk for Women or YOU set the date, the place and the pace!

Thousands of women and girls experience physical and sexual violence every year across the Pacific. Funds raised from Walk for Women 2012 go towards the Pacific Trust Fund to end violence against women in the Solomon Islands. More...

08 March 2012
International Women's day
In New Zealand, the UN Women's theme is “Equality means Business”.  This is the subtitle of the Women’s Empowerment Principles that will be launched by UN Women in New Zealand in February 2012.  It invites us to think about and advocate for the position of women in business at all levels.

There is also an international theme which is “Connecting girls, inspiring futures”. If every International Women’s Day event held in 2012 includes girls in some way, then thousands of minds will be inspired globally.

Events will be held around New Zealand.  See the UN Women website for more...

27 to 31 March 2011
CPA Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Pacific Region

Workshop topics to be discussed include: 
Gender and Democracy in the Pacific – Why do we need to increase women’s parliamentary representation in the region? 
Strategies to increase women’s representation in Parliament, such as Temporary Special Measures, the Millennium Development Goals and CEDAW 
Campaigning for Women Candidates: Logistics, Funding, Support and Training – What’s required? 
Working with the media 
The role of NGO’s 
Conclusions and recommendations: Supporting Pacific Women as Agents of Change 
All women members of Parliament, potential women parliamentary candidates and women with an interest in gender and democracy in the region are encouraged to attend the seminar.  The seminar will open with a welcome reception on Sunday 27 March, followed by three days of workshop sessions, a closing dinner on Wednesday 30 March and an official departure day of Thursday 31 March. Registration fees for the conference are $350 NZD.  Please advise ashlee.betham@parliament.govt.nz if you would like to register or require further details.CPA Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Pacific Region 

Gender and Democracy Seminar - Women as Agents of Change

The Pacific Region CWP invites you to attend the 2011 CWP Gender and Democracy Seminar, which is to be held at the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington.

The aim of the seminar is for women in the Pacific to work together to support potential women candidates and increase the representation of women in Pacific parliaments. More info

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