WRAP or Women’s Rights and Advocacy in the Pacific is an Aotearoa NZ based group made up of New Zealand organisations (or affiliates of international organisations) which promote and work on the rights of women in the Pacific as all or part of their remit.

Large differentials between women’s and men’s access to resources, education and economic and political participation, as well as widespread violence against women, cause whole societies and economies to be severely limited in achieving health, economic and development goals...More

18 March 2013

Journalist encourages women participation in Parliament: A journalist believes Fiji and other Pacific Island countries can take a leaf out of the New Caledonia government’s book in promoting women participation in parliament. More...

14 February 2013

The Commonwealth has developed its first index to monitor the development and empowerment of young people in its member countries in five key domains: education, health, employment, and civic and political participation. We encourage a focus on gender as a cross-cutting and important issue! Read more...

13 December 2012

Family Planning International's latest blogpost on DevPolicy centres on the Pacific Islands Forum Gender Equality Declaration, and the strengths and weaknesses of the approach set out in the Declaration to improving the status of women. Read more here.

22 November 2012

The UN Women Executive Director launches new initiative to spotlight national commitments to end violence against women. Launching COMMIT, a new initiative asking governments to make national commitments which will be showcased globally, Ms. Bachelet underlines that ending violence against women is possible. Today 125 countries have laws that penalize domestic violence, a huge step forward from just a decade ago. But she said this is not enough. Up to seven in ten women continue to be targeted for physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime and 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is still not a crime. More...

2 November 2012

MFAT Friday Forum on Women’s Economic Opportunity and Empowerment in the Pacific

Where: MFAT 195 Lambton Quay, Level 13 (visitors are to come to Level 12 first please)

When: Friday 2 November 2012, 12-30 – 1.30pm

The incidence of violence against women and very low levels of women in parliaments in the Pacific are well known, but what about women’s economic opportunity?  The Women’s Economic Opportunity Index is a global index and ranking researched and published by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Index looks beyond gender disparities to the underlying factors affecting women’s access to economic opportunity in the formal economy. The result is a comprehensive assessment of the enabling environment for women’s economic participation and allows Pacific countries to assess how they track against the other 128 countries – with some interesting results.

The New Zealand Aid Programme funded the inclusion of six Pacific countries (and Timor-Leste) in the Index.  On 2 November Mike Sansom will present an analysis of the research. The Forum will be of interest to anyone working on Pacific regional, policy and development and economic issues. 

The Pacific Leaders’ Gender Equality Declaration was a high profile announcement at the Pacific Forum and New Zealand is strongly committed to it. Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment are critical to the sustainable economic development of the Pacific.

Biography: Mike Sansom, Development Manager: Cross-Cutting Issues and Gender has over 20 years development knowledge and experience including work on gender equality and women’s empowerment and runs the award winning Gender Equality and Analysis training sessions.  His presentation will include the WEOI the results, an analysis and 20 – 30 mins for discussion, response and reactions.  

5 October 2012

PNG project targets marketplace violence. Markets in Port Moresby will be targeted as areas to reduce crime and violence against women, in a five year pilot project being launched to improve market infrastructure and increase security. More...

21 August 2012

Less than a week to go before the 43rd Pacific Island Forum in Rarotonga, where Pacific and world leaders, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will discuss the most pressing issues facing the region today. We encourage these leaders to address the fact that the Pacific has the lowest rates of women’s political representation and the highest levels of sexual and gender-based violence in the world.

You can read (or re-read) WRAP’s recommendations from last years’ PIF here.

10 August 2012

Vanuatu women urged to cooperate to be elected. A candidate for Vanuatu’s upcoming election says women candidates need to band together to get into parliament. More...

3 August 2012

Solomon Islands Parliament has new female MP. In Solomon Islands, the North Malaita constituency has a new Member of Parliament, Vika Lusibaea, the second female MP to be elected into the country’s parliament.More...

2 August 2012

UN highlights violence against women in Pacific. The United Nations has called for violence against women in the Pacific to be addressed. In its annual report, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights says many Pacific countries should strengthen laws to crack down on violence and discrimination against women. More...

16 May 2012 

Dame Carol Kidu bows out as PNG opposition leader. Dame Carol Kidu, the only woman parliamentarian in Papua New Guinea, has bowed out of politics and stepped down from her position as opposition leader. Dame Carol entered politics in 1997, winning the seat of Port Moresby South in that year’s parliamentary elections. She recently proposed a bill that would set aside 22 seats in the PNG parliament for women, but that bill has failed to pass on three separate occasions. More...

Wednesday 18 April

Protecting Women and Children. Sexual and gender-based violence is a huge problem in the Pacific region, affecting around two in every three women. One woman in Honiara said: “Every time when he went out to drink, I did not know what was on his mind. If I saw him when he came home and he had a different expression on his face, I knew for sure he would ask me for sex, and although I did not want to, for sure, he will force himself on me. More...

Monday 16 April

Fiji women’s groups given green light to continue civic education. Women’s groups in Fiji say the regime has given them the go ahead to continue civic education in the run up to a new constitution for the country. More...

Wednesday 11 April

Solomon Islands: Visiting Australian Governor-General, Ms Quentin Bryce, shares her remarks at a Women's Forum held at the National Parliament on Tuesday this week. "I am delighted to join you today in this very special archipelago at the heart of the Pacific." More...

Friday 06 April

New Documentary Gives Voice to Solomon Island Women. A five part series, Mere Blong Iumi, Stori Blong Olketa, records the extraordinary experiences of Solomon Islands women in recent history as peacemakers, parliamentarians, business leaders, educators and homemakers – in their own words and for the first time. More...

Wednesday 04 April

PNG sexual health agency reveals brakes on violence attitude change. The national co-ordinator for the Papua New Guinea Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee, says cultural change is vital to end the violence directed against women in the home. More...

Tuesday 03 April

Solomon Islands: Australia’s Governor General visits today. The Australian Governor General will arrive in the country this afternoon. The visit is part of Quentin Bryce’s 10-day visit to some of the Pacific Island nations. More...

Monday 26 March

Special Rapporteur on Violence against women finalises country mission to Papua New Guinea. At the end of her official country mission to Papua New Guinea, the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms. Rashida Manjoo, delivered the following statement: “I would like to begin by expressing my appreciation to the Government of Papua New Guinea for extending the invitation to conduct an official country mission. More...

Monday 26 March

Gender equality to boost productivity: Expert. Promoting gender equality is “smart economics” that will generate high productivity, according to a World Bank economist. Promoting gender equality is “smart economics” that will generate high productivity, according to a World Bank economist. More...

Saturday 24 March

Solomon Islands worst country for violence against women: report. The World Bank has rated Solomon Islands as the worst country in the world for sexual violence against women. In its latest report on Gender Equality and Development, the World Bank says 64 per cent of women report they have been victims of domestic violence. More...

Saturday 24 March
PNG expects rise in female magistrates. There are predictions that the number of female magistrates in Papua New Guinea could reach more than 3,000 by 2015. A push by PNG's executive director of Village Courts more than ten years ago has seen the number of female magistrates jump from just ten in 2004 to more than 700 today. More...

Friday 23 March
PNG women can win without reserved seats. One of the first women to have contested and won an exclusive women’s seat in a representative assembly in the country says the reality is far from the negative debate emerging. More...

Friday 23 March
UN rapporteur encourages programmes for Solomon Island women. The UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women says one of the main challenges identified during her visit to Solomon Islands is the limited avenues for justice available to women who are victims of violence. More...

Friday 23 March
Fiji taxi association promotes anti-sexual harrassment message to drivers. A trustee of the Fiji Taxi Association says the organisation intends to teach drivers about the negative impact of sexual harrassment, following comments made by the general secretary linking drivers’ abuse of female passengers with the way they dress. More...

Wednesday 21 March
Samoa’s women move labelled undemocratic. For centuries, Samoa has always prided herself as a country that promotes the role of women as leaders in every aspect of society. More... 

13 March 2013

UNICEF NZ Celebrates 20 Years of Kiwi Kids’ Rights

UNICEF NZ and students of Khandallah School, held a celebration to mark 20 years since New Zealand ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) – an international treaty which aims to promote and protect the rights of children. More....

5 December 2012

NZPPD Open Hearing Report Launch: Pacific Youth: Their Rights, Our Future

On December 5th 2012, the New Zealand Parliamentarians Group on Population and Development (NZPPD) will launch Pacific Youth: Their Rights, Our Future, a report based on the Open Hearing on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in the Pacific held earlier this year.

The report is based on the information provided in the written and oral submissions, and discussions at the Open Hearing and the roundtable.

Family Planning International hosts the secretariat for NZPPD. Read more about NZPPD's work here.

2 November 2012

MFAT Friday Forum on Women’s Economic Opportunity and Empowerment in the Pacific

Where: MFAT 195 Lambton Quay, Level 13 (visitors are to come to Level 12 first please)

When: Friday 2 November 2012, 12-30 – 1.30pm

29 September 2012

UN Women Annual General Meeting.  All members, prospective members, friends and supporters are welcome to attend UN Women's Annual General Meeting. This year, there are proposed changes to the UN Women Aotearoa NZ Constitution. More details here.

September 24-28 2012

Oxfam NZ Live Below the Line 2012. From September 24-28, 2012 people across New Zealand will challenge themselves to live on just $2.25 worth of food and drink a day, to get a better understanding of the daily difficulties faced by people who are trapped in extreme poverty.

June 11 2012

NZPPD Open Hearing on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Pacific, in collaboration with Family Planning International and UNFPA, will hold a one-day Open Hearing at the New Zealand Parliament

The NZPPD will invite individuals and organisations from across the Pacific to make written submissions on the issue, and select a limited number of submitters to present their submissions at the Open Hearing. A report, including recommendations, will be produced and dissemenated widely with the aim of supporting further action in New Zealand and globally to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Pacific.

March 22 2012

Pacific Perceptions - fundraiser
Family Planning International will be exhibiting a range of photographs at the event both from Dr Blue’s study tour and their own projects which seek to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Solomon Islands. More...

8 March 2012

International Women's day
In New Zealand, the UN Women's theme is “Equality means Business”.  This is the subtitle of the Women’s Empowerment Principles that will be launched by UN Women in New Zealand in February 2012.  It invites us to think about and advocate for the position of women in business at all levels.

There is also an international theme which is “Connecting girls, inspiring futures”. If every International Women’s Day event held in 2012 includes girls in some way, then thousands of minds will be inspired globally.

Events will be held around New Zealand.  See the UN Women website for more...

27 to 31 March 2011

CPA Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Pacific Region

Workshop topics to be discussed include: 
Gender and Democracy in the Pacific – Why do we need to increase women’s parliamentary representation in the region? 
Strategies to increase women’s representation in Parliament, such as Temporary Special Measures, the Millennium Development Goals and CEDAW 
Campaigning for Women Candidates: Logistics, Funding, Support and Training – What’s required? 
Working with the media 
The role of NGO’s 
Conclusions and recommendations: Supporting Pacific Women as Agents of Change 
All women members of Parliament, potential women parliamentary candidates and women with an interest in gender and democracy in the region are encouraged to attend the seminar.  The seminar will open with a welcome reception on Sunday 27 March, followed by three days of workshop sessions, a closing dinner on Wednesday 30 March and an official departure day of Thursday 31 March. Registration fees for the conference are $350 NZD.  Please advise ashlee.betham@parliament.govt.nz if you would like to register or require further details.CPA Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians (CWP) Pacific Region 

Gender and Democracy Seminar - Women as Agents of Change

The Pacific Region CWP invites you to attend the 2011 CWP Gender and Democracy Seminar, which is to be held at the New Zealand Parliament in Wellington.

The aim of the seminar is for women in the Pacific to work together to support potential women candidates and increase the representation of women in Pacific parliaments. 

Thursday 22 March
Pacific Perceptions - fundraiser
Come and support a fundraiser for Family Planning International and hear MP Dr Jackie Blue share some personal experiences from her recent trip to Honiara. Family Planning International will be exhibiting a range of photographs at the event both from Dr Blue’s study tour and their own projects which seek to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Solomon Islands. More...

Walk for Women 2012
UN Women New Zealand invites you to walk/run/bike individually or as a group to support Development Projects for Women in the Pacific and progress toward Millennium Development Goal Three (MDG 3) –To promote gender equality and empower women. Donate to Walk for Women or YOU set the date, the place and the pace!

Thousands of women and girls experience physical and sexual violence every year across the Pacific. Funds raised from Walk for Women 2012 go towards the Pacific Trust Fund to end violence against women in the Solomon Islands. More...

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